Ca 2013 Notes


If Sec 76 conditions are fulfilled then deposits can be accepeted  by following the procedure under sec 72 

Alteration of Share capital 

If the alteration is within sec 61 then it can be altered by following sec13 procedure. If not then follow sec 67


Sec 100 requires 10% requisition - within 15 days take steps for convening with in 45 . else within 90 days requisitionists can call by themselves. if MD does not allow place then as per chettair case it can be anywhere in the city in which RO is situated

Registration of charges

Sec 77 to 87 comprehensively covering the loose ends left over in the older act . Rules specifying forms CHG-1 to 7


230 and 232 placed under different heads and 233 option given for ease of business

Annual report vs annual return
Inspection of registers vs inspection of books

Casual vacancy, annual report

Co suities joint liability joint & several

68 company buy back

S8 30 60 90